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Is Your Garage Door Safe?

A garage door can weigh as much as 1,000 pounds, and is a high-potential safety risk to people and valuables if the door accidentally fails or falls due to either improper installation or overdue damage repair. We offer regularly-scheduled garage door inspections and maintenance programs to ensure that your garage door is safe and in good working order.

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Here are Some Garage Door Safety and Maintenance Tips to Help Protect Your Family and Belongings.


✔ Listen for Anything Unusual
- Perhaps the easiest way to check for necessary garage door repair is to listen for anything out of the ordinary. If your door normally opens silently but is now making scraping noises as it rises, it’s probably time to look into garage door service. Watch for any jerks in the door’s movement as well. A properly functioning should rise smoothly.

✔ Lubricate Your Garage Door’s Moving Parts
- If your garage door is making odd sounds, it may mean need lubrication. Keeping your garage door lubricated is essential for keeping all its parts in working order. Proper lubrication only takes about ten minutes and reduces stress on your garage door’s components. This adds up to a longer life for your door and no costly replacements for you. Rollers, tracks, and hinges can all use lubrication. If you come across hinges that are stuck, applying WD-40 should fix them. Take extra care to check the torsion spring above the door and lubricate it with some oil. Frequently greasing parts of your garage door will minimize the need for garage door repair. If you need help with lubricating your garage doors or knowing which parts need it, get in touch with Pynacker Doors today.

✔ Check Garage Door Tracks for Debris
- Another simple way you can avoid costly garage door repair is to inspect the tracks. Check the tracks on either side of the door for debris that may have collected during the fall season. Debris has the potential to impede your garage door’s ability to run smoothly. Make sure to check for rust as well and ensure that the tracks are running vertically. If you encounter any problems here, you may need to call a professional for garage door repair. However, leaving the issue unaddressed can lead to much more costly repairs later. Contact Pynacker Doors for any problems you find with your garage door tracks.

✔ Don’t Forget Rollers and Springs
- The garage door experts at Pynacker Doors recommend that you inspect your rollers twice a year, and fall is the perfect time to do it. Before taking a close look at the rollers and springs, remember to disconnect the motor as a safety precaution. Once you can do so safely, check for any wear and tear or stretching in the area. If you find any cracks or breaks in the rollers, look into repairs or replacements as soon as possible. If everything looks fine, do a quick clean with steel wool, and your garage door springs and rollers will be good to go.

✔ Take Note of Weather Stripping
- The weather stripping is another crucial component of your garage door. This is the barrier between your home and cold winter weather, and it can let cold air in if not properly maintained. When conducting fall garage door maintenance, check the weather stripping for wear and tear, cracks, and jams. If it’s only jammed, you’ll likely be about to fix this with a quick adjustment. However, serious jams and cracks will need replacement. Catching problems such as these early, before the fall turns into winter, will keep your home warm despite frigid Kanata, ON temperatures.

✔ Call in the Professionals
- When all else fails, seek a professional for help with garage door maintenance. Sometimes garage door repair is too complicated to do-it-yourself, and in other instances, your busy schedule may not allow for a thorough inspection. Whatever the case may be, Pynacker Doors offers unparalleled garage door services to the Kanata, ON community. Don’t want until a quick fix becomes a major issue. Contact Pynacker Doors today for all of your garage door maintenance and repair needs.

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