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Carriage Garage Doors

Pynacker Doors is Your Carriage Garage Door Expert

Carriage style garage doors are gaining popularity for their rustic style mixed with the functionality of a modern garage door. These stylish garage doors are the perfect choice for an older home that’s retained its antique charm or a newer home that needs some character. Whatever your reasons for installing carriage house garage doors, they’re a sleek alternative to traditional roll-up garage doors. At Pynacker Doors, we’ve built our reputation around delivering high-quality, attractive garage doors to the Kanata, ON community. If you’re thinking about installing carriage garage doors in your home, Pynacker Doors is here to answer your questions.


✔ The Highest-Quality Carriage Doors

- Our carriage style garage doors are state-of-the-art at Pynacker Doors. We use only the highest-quality materials, and we’re committed to getting you the best value for your money. Our carriage garage doors combine steel construction and unlimited design opportunities. Choose from traditional roll-up garage doors or swing-out garage doors to create the home you envision. When you work with Pynacker Doors, you’ll be equipped with the best-performing carriage style garage doors on the market. You’ll never have to compromise function for style when you work with us.

✔ Unparalleled Look and Unlimited Style
- Carriage style doors transport you back in time. They give you the historic charm of an era that relied on horse carriages without having to trade your car in for a horse. Your new garage door will be made of steel but maintain that beautiful wood finish characteristic of barn doors. Natural wood and faux wood finishes are especially popular for carriage house garage doors. You’ll have your pick of panel patterns and window stylings to suit the look of the rest of your home. Pynacker Doors’ garage door experts can consult with you on design, or you can come in with an already-developed idea of how you want your doors to look.

✔ What Materials Do You Use for Your Carriage Doors?
- At Pynacker Doors, we construct our carriage garage doors from steel. Steel has numerous benefits, including better durability in harsh climates and diverse design options. We know that some homeowners may prefer the look of natural wood. However, wooden garage doors don’t tend to hold up as well in rainy climates and are poorly insulated. Don’t worry, though, your carriage style garage doors can still maintain the look of real wood. Faux wood finishes are a popular option and give your overhead door the wooden look you envision. For other design options, the experts at Pynacker Doors will be happy to brainstorm with you. We want you to have the perfect garage doors that provide you curb appeal, match the theme of your home, and function well.

✔ What Does the Installation Process Look Like?
- The professional installation team at Pynacker Doors is highly experienced in installing all kinds of garage doors, including carriage style. Once you’ve settled on the design for your new carriage garage door, our expert installers will get to work. When you use Pynacker Doors, we guarantee our constant attention to detail throughout the installation process. If you’re ready to take your home to the next level, request a free quote today.

✔ Do You Offer Repair Services After Installation?
- After installation, if your new garage door shudders or won’t open and close, Pynacker Doors is here for you. If you experience these problems, we’ll have your garage door good as new with one quick call to our professionals. Also, Pynacker Doors is happy to perform periodic maintenance on your carriage style garage door. Our goal is always to save you money. We’ll do all preventative repair work possible to ensure you won’t be on the hook for more expensive repairs later. For tips on how to self-maintain your garage door or identify problems, check our repairs page. If you have more questions on the maintenance or installation of your carriage house garage doors, our experts are waiting. Stop by, call, or email us today with your questions.

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