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Common Issues with Your
Garage Door

Every garage door has common problems over time. A couple of them are broken springs and cables, and these problems can happen when you least expect them. Call Pynacker Doors to perform periodic garage door maintenance so it stays in working order and helps to avoid more costly repairs. If your door is heavy or out of balance, it won’t run properly and will cause wear and tear to the opener. For serious problems, you should always contact qualified and trained technicians to avoid further damage and possible injury to yourself or others.

2 car garage door on suburban home

Maintenance Tips to Avoid Needless Repairs

  • Lubrication – It’s necessary to help avoid unnecessary wear and damage to hardware and components.
  • Keep the Door Tracks Clean – Keep the tracks free of dirt and debris to keep the door operating smoothly and avoid damage to the hinges and rollers.
  • Perform Regular Tests – Running a few simple safety tests, like the auto-reverse test, can ensure your door doesn’t catch anyone or anybody underneath it.
  • Safety – Make sure that you and your family are aware of the dangers of a garage door in motion. While there are safety devices in garage doors, some early generation units do not comply with today’s standards. If you’re worried that your garage door doesn’t comply, give Pynacker Doors a call for a free quote.

Problems with the Door or Opener

To avoid injury by trying to fix it yourself, call the experts at Pynacker Doors when issues like these arise:

  • Your door is stuck open, closed, or part way, a panel is broken, or the door is off level or off track.
  • Your remote or keypad are only working intermittently, the battery might need to be replaced. If that doesn’t fix your keypad, then the pin pad behind the numbers might be worn out.
  • Your door will open but won’t close, and the light might flash on the opener. The door could be out of alignment or not running smoothly.
  • A humming or buzzing sound from the opener when it’s also not moving can be one of two things: a blown motor capacitor, or a stripped or worn gear.

Problems with the Cable or Weather Stripping

If your door level is off and there’s a cable on the ground, this could have happened when the door came down on something, or the cable corroded, rusted, and broke. Be sure to maintain your garage door with regular service to ensure everything works properly. Cable repairs can be dangerous, so to avoid injury you should call Pynacker Doors to take care of it. Most new garages have weather stripping and bottom seals to fill gaps around the door. They keep rain and snow out and help prevent hardware from rusting or seizing. Installing weather stripping is easy and saves energy. Pynacker Doors carries only the best quality, so please contact us about prices and availability.

Request Garage Door Repair Service

Service Requests will be confirmed by return email from our Service Department. Unless confirmed, it is not to be assumed the service request is booked.

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