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When looking for a new garage door, it is very important to pick one that meets your needs, one that you like and one that is within your budget. To really compare different garage doors you need to see a sample of the actual door and compare the following:

Insulation/Thickness –

Insulation or R-Value may not be important to you initially but it plays a part in the construction quality and durability of your garage door. A door with little to no insulation is considered a contractor or entry-level level door. There are two types of insulation: Polystyrene (Styrofoam) and Polyurethane. Styrofoam insulated door typically achieves a maximum R-Value of 7-8. Although the door thickness may be 2” the density of the styrofoam is less there providing a lower R-Value. Polyurethane insulated garage doors can achieve a higher R-Value in a thinner door panel. Typically a 1 ½” thick door can achieve an R-Value of 13+

Hardware –

Visually, you can often tell whether the quality of the hardware is good or not. Key things to look for are the thickness of the steel used on the hinges and what type of roller you are getting with your new garage door.

Warranty –

It is wise to ask what warranty you receive with your new garage door. There have been many advancements in rust protection and most products have a Lifetime Warranty against rust. Some conditions do apply. Other components such as hinges, rollers, cables springs (the working parts of your door) are often covered for one year by the Mfg. Installation labor is subject to the installation companies coverage.

Costs –

Prices vary depending on the level of garage door you are looking for. Some customers are in a position where they have to buy a door not because they want to. For those customers, a more cost-effective entry-level door may suit their needs and budget. For those looking for better quality, you will pay more but well worth it in the long run.

Pynacker Doors is here to help you understand all aspects of your new garage door. We offer residential and commercial garage door services to the Ottawa and surrounding area. Contact us to find out more about our garage door installation services!