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Periodic maintenance is recommended to keep squealing and grinding noise to a minimum. This can definitely be annoying. Thankfully there are a few things that can be done to reduce or eliminate the noise it makes both inside and outside your home.

Your garage door uses “rollers” to slide up and down within a track system. There are different quality levels of the rollers that the garage door industry can use. Often, older doors have an all steel ball bearing roller. Most Mfg.’s today use either a bearingless plastic roller or in our case we use a high cycle nylon roller with bearings. These are the best rollers available.

Another cause of “noise” from the door can be its construction quality. For the last 20+ years, new construction homes typically installed a non-insulated contractor quality pan style door. These doors are the least expensive door a home builder can install. There really isn’t much consideration given to durability or rigidity. The construction of the door is hollow and often a single skin of steel roll formed to make the panel. These doors are not often well reinforced and if installing a garage door opener without some type of bracing will only increase the amount of noise the door will create. To achieve the maximum quietness, you should consider a door that is made of multiple layer construction.

In some cases, installing a belt drive or side mount opener can also decrease the amount of noise transmission that your garage door produces. However, remember that a poorly constructed door will still be noisy regardless of the opener you install on it.

Pynacker Doors can help you find the best garage door option for your home or business. Contact us to learn more about our services!