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Every homeowner knows that when it comes to maintaining the house, there’s always something. But that something never seems to be the garage door, or so we thought. We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but your garage door could be costing you money.

Your garage door opens and closes to let your car or anything else in and out of your garage. However, it’s a mistake to think this is the only function your garage door has. In addition to its normal operation, the garage door also helps insulate your home, protect your house and belongings and is the largest element of the appearance of your home.

And these are the reasons your old garage door could be costing your money.

Heating/Air Conditioning Costs

Attached garages can have a huge effect on the cost of heating and cooling in your home, specifically if your garage door isn’t well insulated or sealed properly. By having an insulated door you can significantly reduce your HVAC costs and increase the comfort of your home, especially in areas that are close to the garage.

Curb Appeal

A lot of people don’t realize how much of an effect your garage door can have on the appearance of your home. In many cases, your garage door is one of the largest aspects of the front of your home. Which means if your garage door looks old or out of date your home will look that way too.

Home Security

Even if you have a garage door opener with a keypad, an older system can be very easy for a burglar to get through. A simple lock on your door does nothing to protect all the belongings you keep in your garage and everything in your home.

Are you dealing with any of these issues and need to replace your garage door? Pynacker Doors can help you find the perfect residential garage door for your Ottawa home. Contact us to find out more about our services!