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Over the last several years there have been more and more “Door Guys” or “Tail Gate Trade” popping up in every major city across Canada. How is this possible you might ask?

Since the early 2000’s a number of “Garage Door Companies” have opened their business and have offered franchises to anyone who would be willing to pay the franchise fee. The participants in the program had no relative garage door experience and were put a short instructional tutorial to give them the basics on how to fix or install a garage door or opener.

These “companies” spent thousands of dollars on telephone book advertising (as the internet and Google were not as widely used as they are now) promoting their companies as the largest door companies in Canada and having a dealer network in every major city across Canada. These book ads were large, bold and often numerous to attract you to contact them. The ads all had two things in common. 1) a phone number that was not local but rang back to a central call center located in Toronto 2) the address of the ‘office and showroom” was non-existent. In fact, if you searched the address or actually drove to the listed location you would find that the address was occupied by another unrelated business like a flower shop, bus depot, coffee shop or real estate office. In some cases, the address was to a vacant lot where a house might have stood at one time.

The training these franchises received was not that of the most reputable kind. After speaking to former employees of these companies we learned that they were trained in the art of upselling and selling parts or services to the customer that were not actually needed.  The mentality was almost like a “Smash and Grab” get in and sell as much as you can before they notice and if they ever call back don’t go back. Some of the simplest repairs that normally would cost less than $200.00 were reported to be as high as $500-700 repairs by the time they were finished upselling unsuspecting customers.

CBC’s Marketplace did an expose in 2012 about one of the most recent and worse garage door repair scam companies in Ontario. The link has been provided and is an eye-opening experience. Although this was filmed in Toronto, this company was operating the same way throughout Canada. We believe they have changed their names several times over the last 6-7 years and the public has become more aware of them thanks to the CBC Marketplace investigation

Today, many of those franchise owners have been left in the cold by the companies they once worked under. This set them up to use those dishonorable methods of taking advantage of customers to a whole new level. In today’s society, the internet is the first choice of finding a product or service. These companies have spent very little time in creating websites and online personas that make you believe you are dealing with a company that has been in business for a long period of time and that they must have experience. Some do as little as advertising for Free on Kijiji. In today’s economy, we are all trying to save a buck when we can. What consumers don’t realize is that often they are being set up to be scammed or ripped off. We have been pointing out all the negatives surrounding these kinds of companies. We are sure that not all persons or companies that advertise on the free sites are out to scam people. However, unfortunately, they get painted with the same broad brush that legitimate companies like Pynacker Doors do when DG or TGT are not caught and dealt with properly giving companies such as ours a negative reputation that is not justly deserved.

Experience comes from knowledge and knowledge comes from experience. We here at Pynacker Doors have over 100 years of combined experience in servicing and installing garage doors. Although it is not rocket science thousands of homeowners have trusted their garage doors to us and won’t call anybody else but Pynacker Doors. Our reputation has been built on our fair and honest approach in dealing with our clients from the first phone call to our office to the technician that leaves their home.