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There is a constant debate on whether or not you should repair or replace your garage door. We’re hoping the following blog post explains some of the myths and gives you some advice on what you should do.

Like any other object that works with mechanisms, your garage door will eventually suffer from wear and tear. This is very normal for garage doors and shouldn’t be something to worry about as a homeowner. If your garage door does end up having a problem over the years, you have the choice to make whether you should repair your current garage door or replace it completely.  It can be a tough decision to want to replace your garage door when you are in love with the design of it. If this is the case, repairing your garage door would be the best option, provided that the problem does not get worse.

Pynacker Doors offers garage door repair services for your garage door opener, garage door springs, garage door cables, and torn weatherstripping. We can fix all types of garage door repairs ranging from simple fixes to more serious issues that require a technician. Repairing your garage door can fix an issue for a period of time, however, eventually, your garage door will need to be replaced.

There are a few key garage door problems that can not be repaired, which means a garage door replacement is best. If your garage door has rot or mold growing on it, that is a clear sign of moisture damage which should be solved with a garage door replacement. The moisture damage could reach the garage door mechanisms, which could make the door unstable causing it to be a danger to your family and home.

We offer a variety of garage door options from major manufacturers such as HAAS Doors. There are 3 tiers of garage doors for customers to choose from, these include entry-level garage doors, mid-level garage doors, and high-level garage doors. Here at Pynacker, we can help you find the perfect garage door for your home and lifestyle.

Contact us to learn more about our garage door repair services or to find a new garage door for your home!