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Your garage door is the largest moving object in your home and travels above your head on a roller and track system. A garage door might look like a simple and straightforward system, but it’s actually quite complicated and contains several moving parts. Without being balanced by a spring, you would find it extremely difficult to open or close the door manually without the assistance of a garage door opener. The garage door must remain aligned and balanced in order for the door to function properly. An unbalanced door can cause undue wear and tear on parts including the garage door opener if not attended to.

Here are a few key signs you have a garage door that is unbalanced:

  • The door is heavy to lift manually
  • The door coasts down on its own when fully open
  • The garage door opener appears to be laboring to lift the door

What causes the door to go out of balance?

The most common factors for a door to go out of balance are:

  1. Door Construction – 20+ years ago the predominate garage door material was wood. Over time, wood doors will absorb moisture causing the door to become heavy. The door never completely dries out and so carrying the extra weight of moisture can cause the door to become unbalanced. Today’s garage door construction uses lightweight yet durable multilayer steel construction.
  2. Painting – Unlike today’s available multicolor baked on factory finishes, you had to paint the garage door to get the color that best matches your home’s exterior. Painting the door became regular maintenance and repainting it was required. What most homeowners do not realize is that unless you scrap or remove the previous layers of paint you are adding additional weight to the door. Imagine if you have a double-wide wood door and you paint the door in multiple coats to achieve the finish you want. Say you use a gallon of paint. That’s an additional 15-20lbs of paint. Multiply that by painting the door every 5 years over 20 years and that’s an extra 60-80lbs of weight the springs on your door were not calculated to balance.


  • EXTRA FACT: Did you know that the garage door opener is designed to do less than 10% of the lifting of your garage door? The springs on your door are specifically designed and calculated to counterbalance the weight of your garage door from the factory. The springs allow you to operate your door with ease.


If your door is unbalanced, have a broken spring or in need of maintenance, it is best to let a professional deal with this as it can be very dangerous if you do not know what you are doing.

We provide quick and affordable garage door repair services in Ottawa and Ottawa Valley area, please contact us for a quote and to see how we can help you with all your garage door needs.