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You’ve just bought this home and you are the second owner. Everything seemed ok with the current door but now you’re hearing creaks and groans coming from it and it sounds like it’s on its last legs.

Regular maintenance can maintain it longer. However, no door is going to last a lifetime, and eventually, homeowners will need to replace them. But how do you know when it’s that time? Here are a few signs you should watch out for that will help you know when it’s time to replace your garage door.

Major Wear And Tear

All garage doors will require repair at one time or another. Repairs can be minor to major depending on how they are maintained. Lack of maintenance is a big contributor to how long your garage door will last. Quality and durability of the product play major factors on how long a garage door will last as well. For example, most new home construction doors are the lowest quality door a builder can install. The builder’s expectation of the door is to last as long as the new home warranty is in effect. Wear and Tear items like hinges, rollers, cable and springs all show signs of wear each and every time you open and close your door

Repairing The Door/Opener And At What Cost

As far as garage doors go, they are not maintenance free. More and more families are using the garage door as a main entry into the home. Children can enter the garage and safely enter the home by accessing the garage door opener keypad. No more having to wonder where the door key went or forgetting at school. This can increase the number of times the door opens and closes by 400%. The cost of continued repair can easily exceed the cost of replacement over only a few years if not maintained. Wear and tear on your garage door opener is also greatly affected by how your garage door works.

My Door Works Why Replace It

The old adage..”if it’s not broke don’t fix it” certainly can apply to many but just think about how many cars you have replaced in the last two decades. As a vehicle begins to show its age it becomes more costly to repair and maintain. A garage door is no different with one catch. Many manufacturers from 20 years ago are no longer in business and repair parts or replacement panels are no longer available. One good example of this is STANLEY. For more than 20 years Stanley was the predominant supplier across Canada and the US. In the early 90’s they suffered major decreases in sales and eventually shut down for good. Distributors had a limited supply of parts that quickly got used by dealers. Now there are tens of thousands of homes that still have Stanley doors on them and cannot be repaired and will have to be replaced.

Increase The Value Of A Home

Your garage door plays a huge role in your home’s appearance and curb appeal, which can directly affect the value of your home. If your home is suffering from a lack of curb appeal or you know you aren’t going to get the maximum value for it when you sell, it might be time to upgrade your garage door. Replacing your garage door will allow you to get the value out of the installation in resale value.

Does your garage door need replacing? We offer a wide range of products to accommodate all budgets and application needs.

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