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Curb appeal is becoming more important to Ottawa and Ottawa Valley homeowners, as they’re looking for the best way to make their house stand out and increase their property value.

In our opinion, the most cost-effective way to do so is with a new garage door. A garage door is more than just an entryway into the house, it also distinguishes your home from others on your block. Here are a few the most popular residential garage door trends today.

Door Designs

Drive around most neighborhood subdivisions and you will see all the garage doors look the same house after house after house. Aside from color, they all have the same panel style which often doesn’t even suit the style of home. Our industry has made huge changes in how customers buy their new garage doors. Our experienced sales staff will take the time to make recommendations on a panel style that best suits the aesthetics of the exterior and give the house a newly updated appearance. The look of a garage door is incredibly important to a homeowner, as there is only one chance to make a first impression and a garage door is a focal point of a home’s exterior. It is important to make the most of this large space and many homeowners are now doing so in interesting ways.

Colour Selection

At one time the only color you could buy was white. This meant that you had to paint your door with a brush or roller and would never get a durable finish that would not require upkeep and maintenance. The garage door industry listened and started to offer more colors to suit their customers. Now in 2017, most Mfg’s offer upwards of 10 colors to chose from. This helps in selecting a color that closely matches colors on your exterior.


Garage door windows are an aesthetic choice. Some homes suit and others do not. Whether you’re looking to add natural light into the garage or want to add a fresh new look, windows can help achieve this. Garages don’t have to be dark areas void of sunlight anymore, homeowners are now welcoming more light and outside views.