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Thieves break in using garage door openers. There were more than 50 break-and-enter cases reported in June in Ottawa where the thieves used residents’ garage door openers.

Two young men are facing charges in connection with dozens of break-and-enter cases in Ottawa.

RCMP said they believe the men were involved in a number of break-ins last month that were all committed with a “very specific modus operandi.”

There were 54 break-and-enters reported in Ottawa in June, and in each case, the residents’ garage door openers were used to gain access to their homes.

Ottawa break-ins spike prompts police warning.

Once inside the homes, the suspects would steal various items including the keys to the residents’ vehicles. They would then use the vehicles to commit other crimes, including thefts and fraud, police said.

Nearly half of the break-ins were committed in only one week, mostly in the Nepean and Kanata areas.

“The spike in this particular crime type and subsequent arrests also serves as a reminder that thieves are always looking for opportunities to exploit our inattentiveness to protecting our personal property,” RCMP Insp. Shawna Baher said in the statement.

“It is up to all of us to be vigilant. Don’t leave personal items in plain sight in your vehicle, especially items that can be used to further victimize you and your family.”

RCMP said a number of suspects were identified, and two men were arrested following an investigation.

Sean Robert Gullick, 23, faces 14 charges, including two counts of break-and-enter and three counts of possession of stolen property under $5,000. Gullick was also charged with possession of a stolen credit card, fraud under $5,000, possession of a break-in instrument and two counts of possession of a stolen identity document.

Anthony Peter Kault, 18, faces 12 charges, including theft of a motor vehicle and possessing a weapon for dangerous purpose.

I guess the lesson here is don’t leave your car unlocked so that someone can get in and steal your garage door opener. Keep your garage door opener out of site if you intend to leave it in your vehicle.

Kendra Mangione, Web Journalist / Digital Content Editor, CTV Vancouver

@kendramangione Published Monday, July 11, 2016 2:38 PM PDT